Our company offers its customers a wide range of batteries from the most reliable and consolidated brands in the market. We have models for the needs of all users; batteries for light and heavy vehicles, industrial, agricultural and construction machinery, solar panels or navigation. We guarantee products of the best quality and competitive delivery times so that our customers can keep to the deadlines of their own business or third parties.

Light vehicles

Automotive batteries are our specialty. We offer our customers first brands, a great variety of amperage – from 45ah to 100ah –  and the range of STANDARD, EFB and AGM batteries.

Heavy vehicles

Most diesel truck batteries are lead-acid batteries, which require high starting power and performance. That is why we value the quality and warranty of our batteries.

Industrial and agricultural machinery

Due to the heavy work that these types of machines are exposed to every day, the use of a high-quality battery is advised to cover all the work demand. Anti-vibration batteries are recommended to reduce the degree of movement of the plates inside the battery.

Solar panels

Solar batteries serve as a secondary electric generator after a certain charging process or energy storage in our solar panels. Depending on the need, we offer different types of batteries: lithium solar batteries, gel solar batteries or AGM solar batteries.


Nautical batteries used in boats, ships, motorboats, yachts have a more demanding charging cycle. There are two types of batteries: starter batteries that provide a lot of current to the starter motor for a short time and deep cycle batteries that provide less current but for a long time.


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