A highly refined mineral oil-based multi-purpose extreme pressure universal lithium plastic grease with molybdenum disulfide and graphite additives for extreme pressure and wear resistant lubrication, which has high heat resistance, sealing capability and provides excellent anti-friction and extreme pressure characteristics.

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    - Retains its operating properties at a temperature of at least + 120°C, which increases the service life of the bearings;

    - Has excellent adhesion to metal surfaces. Forms a strong lubricating film, which contributes to increase the resource of lubricated units. Provides effective boundary lubrication at high pressures and temperatures;

    - Due to the EP (extreme pressure) applied, the additives withstand extreme and shock loads. In case of accidental overheating, the presence of layered additives eliminates seizure and sticking;

    - Thanks to special anti-rust and anti-corrosion additives, it reliably protects bearings and other parts from corrosion even when working in a wet and contaminated environment;

    - It has good thermal stability, which ensures the stability of the lubricant to temperature fluctuations, and mechanical stability, which excludes the extrusion of the lubricant, as well as the loss of its consistency during operation, which reduces the loss and consumption of the lubricant. ;

    - Effectively resists oxidation, does not form deposits.

    - Retains its plastic and adhesive properties for a long service life;

    - Grease consistency remains constant during long-term storage.


    For the lubrication of components of various transport, agricultural and off-road equipment operating under increased and/or shock or vibration loads in a dusty, wet and/or dry environment: cardan shaft cross members, swivel couplers with pivots, CV joints, slide and rolling bearings, chassis and other high load friction units



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    • 60 Liters
    • 208 Liters