A high-efficiency monograde mineral engine oil for heavy-duty diesel engines with and without turbocharger operating under adverse conditions at ambient temperatures above -20 °C.

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    - Due to the absence of viscosifiers, it is less susceptible to destruction and aging than analogous all-season oils, has an extended service life which, combined with a low evaporation capacity that reduces oil consumption by combustion, allows to use it in engines with an extended oil replacement age;

    - A mineral base of the highest quality and carefully selected additives ensure good anti-friction and anti-wear properties that significantly prolong the expected service life of the equipment in comparison with oil analogues in all modes of operation, even in the most extreme ones;

    - Unlike analogues, it has higher thermo-oxidant stability due to natural antioxidants which, when combined with good cleaning and dispersion properties that reduce the formation of carbon and lacquer deposits, prevent the formation of deposits of all kinds and keep engine parts. clean for the entire time between replacements;

    - Has good low temperature properties;

    - Effectively protects engine parts against all types of corrosion;

    - Can be used when operating with fuels with higher sulfur content.


    It is designed for heavy-duty diesel engines of trucks, construction, mining and agricultural equipment, ships, locomotives, as well as stationary equipment. It is suitable for retro-vehicles.

    It can be used as a hydraulic oil in hydraulic systems, including those combined with mechanical gearboxes or torque converters, if the manufacturer requires the use of an engine oil of a specific viscosity grade in these subsystems.


    • 5 Liters
    • 10 Liters
    • 20 Liters
    • 60 Liters
    • 208 Liters