Multipurpose waterproof grease based on highly refined mineral oils with a thickener based on mixed lithium and calcium soap with the addition of special adhesive, antioxidant and anticorrosive additives.

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    - It retains its operating properties at a temperature of at least + 120°C, which increases the service life of the friction units;

    - Due to the use of different metal cations in the thickener, it has enhanced protective properties;

    - Reliably protects bearings and other parts against corrosion during operation of equipment in a wet and dirty environment for long service life;

    - Effectively reduces friction and wear;

    - It is stable to the action of cold and hot water, not at all susceptible to the action of sea water, possesses the water-repellent and water-tight properties;

    - It has good adhesion to metals, forms a durable lubricating film, resistant to water, temperature fluctuations, contamination, which allows to increase the change interval and reduce the cost of maintenance;

    - Resistant to softening, aging and oxidation. It has good thermal and mechanical stability. Maintains stability to temperature changes;

    - Meets a wide range of requirements, allowing the use of a single lubricant in most nodes;

    - Grease consistency remains constant during long-term storage. Shelf life 5 years from date of production.


    For industrial equipment operated in high humidity conditions. Also used as a universal grease with extreme pressure properties for off-highway applications where constant contact of water with grease is characteristic.

    Designed for maintenance of ship mechanisms, wheel bearings, ball bearings, swivel joints, cardan shaft pins, ropes and pulleys, winches and other friction units where exposure to a wet environment is possible.


    • 5 Liters
    • 10 Liters
    • 20 Liters
    • 60 Liters
    • 208 Liters