Multi UTTO WB 101

A universal, multifunctional all-season mineral tractor oil for farms and tractors, agricultural vehicles with very high operating characteristics. Its main purpose: an on-board gearbox oil with a standard replacement interval. Meets the requirements of Volvo 97303. It is also suitable for mechanical gearboxes with and without synchronizers, transmissions (including power transmissions), rear axles, hydraulic systems (including those integrated with a mechanical gearbox) and other equipment requiring Universal Tractor Transmission Oil (UTTO) grade oil. It is especially suitable for vibration reduction in “wet” brake systems and power take-offs.

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    It is designed primarily for agricultural equipment, but can also be used for off-road equipment (construction, quarrying, mining) and special equipment (loaders, excavators, diggers, bulldozers, etc.) produced by European, American and Asian manufacturers, operating under harsh conditions when the required level of operating properties is WB-101 and other specifications mentioned above. Used for dock stackers, telehandlers, forklifts and front loaders, harvesters (timber loading equipment), road construction equipment (scrapers, road rollers, excavators, soil compactors), in the construction industry.

    Comply with the manufacturer’s instructions provided in the user’s manual.


    • 5 Liters
    • 10 Liters
    • 20 Liters
    • 60 Liters
    • 208 Liters