SAE 10W-30

A semi-synthetic (HC-synthese) engine oil for all engine transmission stations genuinely universal for modern diesel engines of agricultural equipment with and without turbocharger operating in adverse conditions, as well as for manual transmissions, “wet” type brakes. and even tractor hydraulic systems. It was specially developed to solve particular problems of agricultural equipment, ensuring the protection of the technical equipment and receiving the maximum return regardless of its operating conditions. It belongs to the STOU class (Super Tractor Oil Universal).

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    The use of agricultural equipment is characterized by a high dependence on the mode of operation and weather conditions, the possibility of 24-hour operation, the remoteness of service centers, a wide range of additional implements and, most commonly, poor technical competence of personnel. The use of MANNOL Multifarm STOU 10W-30 eliminates the risk of equipment problems related to confusion of oil usage, when markings on containers become illegible due to weather conditions when stored outdoors. Oil usage facilitates accounting and storage. In the field, it is enough to take a canister and solve the problem of adding oil to any equipment in any situation.

    It is designed for all types of high-load diesel engines of agricultural equipment, for which the required level of operating properties is CG-4 or lower and for high-load manual transmission of the above-mentioned equipment for which the required level of operating properties is GL-4.


    It can be used for hydraulic systems, hydrostatic and manual transmissions, wet brake systems and multi-disc clutches, power take-off and power steering of all types of tractor equipment.

    It can be used in gasoline engines with a required level of operating properties API SF or lower.


    • 5 Liters
    • 10 Liters
    • 20 Liters
    • 60 Liters
    • 208 Liters